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Live the Extreme!

A Jeff and Matt Hardy Community

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All Members , Moderated
All things Hardy Boys!

◊About the Extreme!◊

We welcome Discussion, Spoilers, Fanfiction, Photos, Videos, Picspams, Graphic Posts, Fan-made Music Videos and general adoration for the two extreme wrestlers in the Industry!
NOTE: Posts about Shannon Moore, Shane Helms and The Hardy Show are welcome!

◊What Is Not Allowed!◊

1. Any disrespectful or derogatory remarks about the Hardys.
2. In-fighting or flaming amongst our members.
3. Discussing other LJ Comms in a poor fashion that will result in a Comm war!

◊The Few Rules◊

1. All spoiler discussion must be behind a cut.
2. Large graphics posts must be behind a cut. You may post 3 icons for teasers outside the cut.
3. All fanfiction must have the appropriate warnings in the header. At this time, no Hardycest please.
4. Please use the available tags for your posts. If one is needed, please ask in your post and one of the mods will accommodate you.
5. Be nice to each other and have fun!
6. Note to users requesting membership: Normally we do not allow entry to people who have no entries on their personal LJ or are not a member of one of our affiliates or have a mutual friend at least in common. I use my judgment when I come across brand new LJ users. There are too many spammers about and my Comms have been clean of them so far so I think my judgment has paid off. Don't be offended if you get rejected, just become more active on LJ so we know what you're about.

Credit where credit is due!
1. Current header by heimedall.
2. Current layout by angelsdee.
3. Current Moodtheme by rory_tutorgirl.
4. Current User Profile Layout by angelsdee.
5. Current Promo Banner by goddessrockgeek.
6. Current Graphic Goddesses are a7xschoolie, xxcrimsoneyesxx and the_archangel.
7. Current Screencap Goddess is 616poisongirl.

Weekly Scheduled Events!
1. Pic of the Day by wwe_robin posts on Tue and Thur. deans_mate will post on Mon, Wed and Fri. Back up is slipp_up.
2. Weekly picspam by nc_hardygrl. Back up is deans_mate.
3. Matt PPV and show digitals by deans_mate or nccorefan. Back up is learningforever.
4. Jeff PPV and show digitals by deans_mate or nccorefan. Back up is learningforever.
5. Our Community Watchers are learningforever and em25.

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